what are we

Washed cotton, linen, TENCEL, silk and down. These materials share common characteristics: soft, skin-friendly, eco-friendly, static-free, and moisture-wicking. This is also the principle that all WoomHome products need to comply with. We aims to provide the best textile products for your sleep and life.

What we believe

To the planet: with the concept of protecting our planet and providing sustainable bedding. We don't sell bedclothes made of animal skins and conserve natural resources. Besides we choose TENCEL, Linen and cotton as our mainly material, owing to its natually and comfortably.

Why choose WoomHome?

Each WoomHome product is carefully designed and handcrafted. With affordable price and satisfied quality, our bedding are getting more and more attention now. It is all bout love and carness. Besides, we provide high-quality logistics services and customer service, local return warehouse.